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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 5, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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the company is giving away 100 bottles of pizza hutted perfume and they have been shipped out in plenty of time for christmas. that is it for "studio b" and harris is in later for the fox report at 7:00 eastern and 4:00 in the west. the dow is not doing too bad with eric here for neil cavuto on "your world." >>eric: heck of a job, fema, lots of back patting on capitol hill as lawmakers held a hearing on the response to hurricane sandy. >> i want to give a big shout out to fema, they are a big partner. >> i commend the fema administrator. >> i thank you, madam chairman. for being a strong leadership. >> i cannot tell you how much the words men. >> the president could not have appoint add better person. >> you and your people have established one thing, that when
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the call goes out the country is there to help their people. >>eric: but try telling that to some of the victims of sandy. welcome, everyone, i am here for neil cavuto. they could be satisfied but try telling that to this guy. (inaudible). >> they are worried about vandalism or squatters taking over their house. what are you doing? we want a place to call home. we want to be somewhere for the dam holidays not in someone else's house or a hotel or a shelter. we need answers. >>eric: the resident from staten island you just saw, says no one should be patting themselves on the bang.
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not yet. thank you for joining us, scott. what we need to tell the audience what is behind you, sir? >>guest: this is my house. this is where me and my wife and dog sleep each night. we don't have no heat. no hot water. no electric. we are using generators that my neighbor has loaned us and we are using portable heaters on the second floor to keep warm at night. >>eric: we hear the lawmakers patting each other on the back and patting fema on the back, how does that make you feel? >>guest: aggravated. stressed out. more depressed that they are doing a phoney patting and the victims are suffering on staten island and elsewhere. do a walk through. see the people. come talk to them. it is nut just me. it is not just my family but my
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neighbors, my friends and other victims of hurricane sandy. staten island is the forgotten borough. no one is helping us. >>eric: how do you shower? are you warm enough to sleep in that house? thankfully it has been warm the last couple of days but what happens when the temperature drops? >>guest: i don't know. me and my wife are feeling sick now, we have been my neighbor's house, we order out or my neighbor cooks for us. it is the people of the area that have helped each other. forget red cross. forget all these other agencies. it is the people that came from all over the united states to help the people. fema does not deserve credit. red cross does not deserve credit. they are here now, after the fact. but when this started it was our neighbors and friends and other
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boroughs and other states that remain here first to help the people. >>eric: you met president obama a couple of days after the hurricane? >>guest: i met president obama, yes. they had him up an miller field. the mayor's office had picked a few people to go up there and when you got to the tent they told you to make believe you were going around shopping for supplies so when the president came in he would see the victims looking for stuff. they have to realize, the victims were not up there every day getting supplies. people were in their house taking down, taking out the water and the sheet rock and taking down their walls. they were doing stuff in their house and they were not up there. i told the president this was staged, and the governor just came and the mayor, that is the first time i seen them on staten island or anywhere.
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they didn't walk an my block. they went to a certain area and that was it. so, they have to grow up and say, you know what, we dropped the ball we messed up. i asked the president, you promised to cut the red tape and he said what do you mean? and i told them about bank of america that didn't want to stop my payments, they told me, they are frozen for three months but in three months i have to way three months of my mortgage. what is that doing for me while i repair my home? get a place to rent in what is that doing to me? he said he cannot do nothing but the mortgage company but he said he could do something with fema. fema works for him. i told him, the middle class keeping getting the royal finger no matter who you turn to fema don't want to hear it, the insurance company don't want to
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hear it, everyone is giving the ball to everyone else. when you call your homeowners insurance they say any don't cover anything that is flooded or sewage or water so all my stuff in my house, i am getting zero. the flood insurance only covers structural damage. they send you a check or a settlement but you cannot cash that check because you are agreeing to that settlement. so, you have to go get someone to check your house out and make sure the insurance companies are being honest. >>eric: let me sum this up, you met with president obama days after the hurricane sandy. here we are, it has been several weeks after the meeting and you don't feel anything has happened? you don't feel your life is, you are being taken care of or thought about great fema, from schumer, 9 state, from the federal government including obama, is that right? >>guest: absolutely not. not only me but my neighbors feel the same.
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we are the forgotten borough, we are the forgotten people. we are the middle class people and we are the working class people that have paid our taxes and we are not getting anything in run. it is always fema, deny this. you have to reapply. it is a joke. a joke. you are the president of the united states, you got that pen, you bailed out the banks, bail out the american people that don't have homes for the holidays. the president is going away. he is going to hawaii for christmas for 20 something days, where am i going to be? where are my neighbors going to be? we will not have a place called home. mr. president, you have to do something. you are the president. you got to get fema to react and put the trailers in areas and let people have places to live for the holiday. you are going to enjoy your
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holiday in hawaii. i'm going to be here with in lights, no electric, no plumbing, not having my kids here, what am i going to do for the holidays? you will be warm. i may be cold. maybe get sick. you know what? me and my wife have been stressed out, depressed, we have anxiety we have panic attacks at night when we hear noise that someone is breaking into our home. we don't have enough lighting, people, go, leave, but you can't leave because this is your home the people are not leaving what they built and they earned and they have a right to have fixed and be back if their place where they live. >>eric: we will leave it there, scott, but we will say prayers for you and your family on staten island. this is america, people. we showed you the votes now show us the money.
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>> after the election of jimmy carter, andrew young, he went to washington, dc and he came back home with bacon. that is what you do. that is what you do. this is, our people, in an overwhelming way, supported the re-election of this president and there ought to be quid pro quo and you ought to exercise leadership on that. of course, not just that but why not? earthquake egg she was calling for a bailout of 9 cash strapped city after 73 percent of the voters in wayne pulled the lever for president obama in november. the video is going viral and so is the reaction. we cannot get the council woman but we got michelle fields who says get ready for more. the absolute stark contrast between scott who we saw on staten island standing if front of his home making sure no one steals his generators so he can stay warm and this council woman
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who is concerned about, she voted for president obama, where is her bailout? >>guest: this is crazy. you don't get preferential treatment just because you voted for obama. look, detroit right now, what they need is real new leadership. what they don't need is more money going to politicians who are completely incompetent. taxpayers should not have to get tens of billions more in debt, have more losses, just because politicians in detroit can't balance the budget, they can't plan ahead. let me remind you, we are still, the taxpayers, are owed $25 billion from the audit to industry bailout. there is no reason why we should give them more money. >>eric: you have to ask yourself, again, we would loved to have asked the council woman but she would not come on, if you don't like what going on, detroit has a median household income of $25,000, far below the national average and unemployment of 18.9 percent, far above the national average,
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if you didn't like that, why did you vote for the guy again? >>guest: exactly. look, all the democratic politicians over there in detroit and all the unions are will the ones who are blocking real reform from happening in detroit. what they ought to do is selling off assets to get revenue, they should be outsourcing to private companies so they can have money. that is what they need. what is funny in all of this, mitt romney got a lot of flak after the election when he said that he felt obama won the election because obama promised american voters gifts and free things. he got a lost flak from democrats and republicans. look, this is exactly what mitt romney was talking about. here is someone saying, wait, i voted for you, obama, now give me the free stuff. this is exactly what mitt romney was talking about. >>eric: president obama ran the last campaign on things are getting better. give me for more years we are almost there. a very good indication of things
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are really getting better in the economy is food stamp use. food stamps are up to a record level. november showed 46 million people on food stamps. if things are getting better, how does that keep going up? >>guest: exactly. if you remember back during the campaign, obama was going around bragging saying, i saved detroit with the bailout. really? you saved detroit? is that why detroit is coming begging right now for money? it is insane. he is completely out of touch and he doesn't realize what this economy is like right now for every day folks. >>eric: thank you, michelle. >> there is supposed to be teaching for the kids but are they now towing the white house line? twins. i didn't see them coming.
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>>eric: from teaching class to promoting class warfare. >> in the summertime rich people decided they were not rich enough so they came up with ways to get richer. first, they had tax cuts. they said, why should i care about other non-rich people? ordinary people wondered why rich people needed so were money, the 1 percent said, don't worry, this is good for you, too , because it will come down from us to you. some day you will be rich then the rule we made for us will be your rules. >> yes, the rich were urinating on the poor. the union of schoolteachers seas this shows the need for higher taxes on the wealthy. my guest says these teachers should be taught a lesson, the founder of the freedom center. we called the union and they
1:17 pm
said the video was meant to be a humorous way on get people thinking about the fiscal cliff. boy, this is one of the most egregious things i have seen in a long time. hopefully it is not meant for the kids, please tell me. >>guest: this is child abuse. of an epic scale. the narrator is ed asner. how many millions do you think he has? does he care about kids and the other 1 percent don't? this is democratic party promise gain. the teaching union is the heart of the democratic party. this is, in particular, is a teacher union in which poor black and hispanic kids in los angeles and ok land and san francisco school systems are being denied a good education by this very union. they will go on strike if you
1:18 pm
try to connect performance with reward. half the children in the schools, poor black and hispanics whose parents can not afford to put them in private schools which is what everyone else is doing, half of them drop out before they graduate. what of the ones who graduate are functionally illiterate. they will never get a decent job. >>eric: david, let's stay on the video. the teachers union puts this together and in the video they talk about the amount, the bailout, specifically, that money was spent to rich people bailed out rich bankers and the rich stock market. hopefully we have a full screen of this. look at money that came from that stimulus package that they reference in the video, the department of education, $53 billion. >>guest: it is going into the pockets --. >>eric: let me finish, special education $12 billion. and unemployment, additional
1:19 pm
insurance, the billions and billions and billions continue to go in but they point the finger at the rich, more class warfare. >>guest: these are socialists and they are exploiting the children, that is basically what it is and they are lying when they say this isn't addressed to the children. it is a cartoon. they are indoctrinating children to vote for the democratic party in our schools at the expense of poor people and the children. what i don't understand is how the republican party can be so silent over the atrocity which is being committed at every major city in america by democrats. they are 100 percent in control of the school systems which they run as a jobs program if adults and a slush fund for the democratic party. >>eric: the union says it was nature intended for the children but remember the old cartoon for cigarettes they made them stop doing that because kids were
1:20 pm
watching. my son, i asked my son if he saw it and he is 14 years old and i said what was the message that rich people made the stock market crash and rich people made poor people poor. allow me a second, california teachers, their salaries are $69,496 on average. >>guest: for six hour as day and eight month as year. don't forget that. that is way over $100,000 if you worked as normal people do 50 weeks out of year. this is marxist propaganda. it shows why government unions should not be allowed to participate in politics. >>eric: got do look it there. it is a very pot topic. we will do it again soon. no drama, no delay, the president telling congress to raise the nation's debt ceiling right now. does he remember he was saying what he was saying when he was in congress then? >> the way bush has done it the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the bang of
1:21 pm
china in the name of our children, driving up our national debt, that is irresponsible. it is unpatriotic. >>eric: more on the hypocrisy next. can i help you? i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store.
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>>eric: president obama taking the tax hike show on road to america's c.e.o. touting higher taxes today at a business roundtable. small businesses say the hikes he wants will kill jobs but at least one big business ain't buying it. here is what the fedex c.e.o. says, there is a lost mythology in washington, dc such as small business creates all the jobs in the united states, and if you raise the rates on the top 2 percent you kill jobs.
1:25 pm
the reality is the vast majority of jobs in the united states are produced by capital investment, in equipment, and software, that is not done by small business. try telling that to the owner of an auto mall on long island. small business owner, what do you think when you hear a big guy, big business guy like the fedex c.e.o. say i am not worried. >>guest: i disagree with fred smith. first of all, if you take the top 100 fortune 500 companies and added all their capital investment together, it would not, you would not scratch the surface compared to the capital investment, almost 18 million small businesses invest in each year. so, fred smith believes in what the government has to offer and let the government run fedex like it ran the post office. >>eric: what is the effect of raising taxes on the top 2 percent do a businesslike yours? >>guest: in new york state it would cost us $15 billion alone
1:26 pm
and 46,000 jobs. >>eric: you personally? >>guest: it would end up reducing my employee payroll, it will reduce my employees by 10 or 15 over all, and it will negatively impact it right across the board. >>eric: who is he talking to? who is fred smith talking to when he says it won't be the job killer that everyone claims. >>guest: i don't know, everyone is mystified by the comment. i don't think fred smith would be able to achieve what he did, today, if the tax hikes that the president is asking for were in effect when he first started out. >>eric: so say the economy turns around, and people buy cars if it turns around and you have an increase in taxes that could, who knows, will you restrict your hiring because of that? >>guest: yes. a tax is an expense. when you have an expense you have to pass it on somehow.
1:27 pm
an expense does not increase business, they decrease business. whether it is hiring employees or capital investment. the president is very confusing, one day he has a stimulus pack only to put money in the economy and the next day he wants to tax people and take money out of the economy. he has to make up his mine. all of a sudden, all of this uncertainty is hurting our business. >>eric: thank you. the stalemate in washington, dc, continues, and now both sides admit nothing is getting done. >> what most of the viewers watching this show right now believe is that all of us are involved in some kind of negotiation. that is not true. we --. >> there is nothing going on? >> nothing. >> we asked the president, sit down with us and be serious about the specifics of the spending so we can stop the wasteful spending in washington and address the problem. >> charlie is a democrat
1:28 pm
congressman from the state of new york, charles rangel, thank you for joining us, congressman. what gives? what gives? tell us about fiscal cliff. are you worried about the fiscal cliff? >>guest: you bet your life. people in my district are, small business people if my district are concerned about it. people have to plan not just for the bill of today but the bills and the tax responsibilities they are going to have if tomorrow. i listened to a previous guest, the people, the small business people in my community, 97 per science -- percent to not make $250,000 a year personal salaries so they are not affected by the top 2 percent. having said that, they want people to get back to work. people to have jobs to have incomes to buy from the small business people. blue are small or large you want to know which, how are the laws going to be, what are the tax lie bills going to be, and this
1:29 pm
congress owes it to the american people to tell them. >>eric: congressman, america has always been about hard working people earning, creating jobs, creating opportunity, passing a better life on to the next generation, to their kids, i don't know, at some point maybe you say it is time to man up, go over the fiscal cliff, and see what happens, fix the debt problem and maybe things will be better, maybe 10 or 15 years down the road, but maybe that is the responsible thing to do. >>guest: i was with you until you said the responsible thing to do. when the congress created this sequestration nightmare it wasn't the responsible thing to do. they did it so we would do the responsible thing and that the sequestration, the fiscal cliff the responsible thin wouldn't happen but if we don't get from the american people, if they don't call their congress person, whether they are republican or democrat and tell us to move off the dime and get
1:30 pm
the job done, we call --. >>eric: what happens in what happens? i tell you what happens. all you guys on washington pat each other on the back and say we didn't go off the fiscal cliff and the debt goes from $16 trillion to $20 trillion a couple years down the road to $25 trillion. nothing changes in washington, dc. you tax. you still spend. maybe it is time to take the medicine congressman and go over the fiscal cliff and fix the problem. >>guest: there is no fiscal cliff. there is a fiscal slope. the earth doesn't stop spinning, the sun will come up, the moon will come up and we will have to do things in john. taxes will go up and the democratic party and hopefully some responsible republicans will vote to make certain that we remove this tax cut that would take place.
1:31 pm
>>eric: no talk about responsible democrats to stop spending so were, or cut back the spending, not just cutting back the increase rate in spending but item spending cuts. >>guest: the rate of increase doesn't have anything to do with the spain people are suffering whether they are middle class or poor. we were talking about the so-called fiscal cliff, if that happens, automatically taxes are going to go up for everyone. maybe, then, someone would ask, who was it that said we shouldn't just pass the tax cuts to make certain that the working poor and the middle class get it, who stopped us and who pushed us over the cliff. it won't be the democratic minority in the house of representatives. >>eric: always good to talk to you congressman rangel. good to see you, sir. paying for complaining is the wrath a restaurant chain is facing for speaking out on the president's health care law going to hush others up? not if herman cain has his say. he is next.
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>>eric: first the ripping and now the reeling, the restaurant behind red lobster and olive garden says media coverage over the complaints of the new health care law could hurt business. herman cain says forget the hit from speaking out the health care law will hit businesses even harder. mr. cain, the former got
1:36 pm
father's pizza c.e.o., you really are focused in on this. the health care law will affect smile businesses like the pizza joints and the other restaurants in the country, right? >>guest: absolutely. absolutely. this is in doubt. when businessmen see a problem coming they figure out alternatives to deal with it. that is what red lobster and the other companies are doing, they already said we are going to have to deal with it. but politicians see a problem coming and they push it off. until it becomes a crisis like the fiscal cliff. by the way, earth to congressman rangel, its is a fiscal cliff. this is a cliff. not a slope. so my point is, simply, they are simply saying what they are doing that they have to do. secondly, if you see the costs coming, you have one of two choices, you either cut your
1:37 pm
costs or you raise your prices. they will figure out what combinations and do an analysis and the price increase is passed on to the consumer. a last point, business has been saying this before obamacare was passed, after it was passed and leading up to the election. now, some of the riders do not do a good job of saying what the companies are saying and i don't think that the c.e.o. of garden is blaming all of obamacare if you read the article and look at the information he is simply saying it is a factor because they anticipate how they will deal with the impact of obamacare. >>eric: and the media coverage is and will hurt their business going forward. take a listen to president obama today, but, also, keep that in mind when we roll a second sound
1:38 pm
bite. listen to the first. >> john is exactly right when he says the only thing that debt ceiling is good for is to destroy your credit rating. that was talking to the business roundtable where he says this debt ceiling is becoming a problem. it is a problem. now, listen to president obama when he wasn't president obama and he was trying to become president obama on the debt ceil ing. >> the problem is, the way bush has done it over the last eight years, to take out a credit card from the bang of china in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from $5 trillion for the first 42 presidents, number 43, he added $4 trillion by his lonesome, and now we have over $9 trillion of debt. and we will have to pay it back $30,000 for every man, woman and
1:39 pm
child. that sir responsible. it is unpatriotic. >>eric: so it was unpatriotic and now, he wants us to believe it is bad to have a limit on the credit card. >>guest: the $30,000 is now $50,000 for every man, woman, and child. he failed to point that out. that is the absolute height of hypocrisy. would you give someone who has maxed out every credit card they own more unlimited credit? that is what the president is asking for. it is simply ridiculous and nauseating to people who have to be responsible with their finances. it is hypocrisy. >>eric: you, herman cain. >> did you notice my casual look
1:40 pm
today? >>eric: love it. love it. great to see you. >> did you catch this last night? >> arco is joining an elite group of past recipients for the reward. two of us so far, see you at reunion dinner, table for to. >> thank you for your invitation for lunch in iowa and new hampshire but i will not stand by and watch the people of south carolina ignore it. >>eric: rubio and paul ryan having fun with the 2015 presidential chatter at the concern foundation leadership award dinner, rubio take home the big price and paul ryan doing the same last year but all kidding aside about the future, my next guest says both messages on the here and now is what is most important.
1:41 pm
now, jack kemp's son, jimmy. it sound like they throwing their hats? >>guest: well, it was very clearly in jest. they knew the people are talking about it. it shows they both have a healthy amount of humility it and they can joke about themselves and about this situation. it is crazy to talk about who will be president. but you have to have candidates who can lead. that is what the concern foundation is about. we want to inspire and encourage and engage with leaders for the cause as ronald reagan called it. last night was a great night to celebrate rubio and to have paul ryan speak for the first time since the campaign. >>eric: give us a sense of their messages, the here and now. give us the message from either
1:42 pm
or both. >>guest: congressman ryan is focusing on addressing the root cause of poverty and in his speech, it focused on how critical it is for political leaders to understand what is happening at margins of our set where the community leaders, religious leaders, are engaging and caring for those who have been left hype, and in this country we know in a country of such incredible growth and opportunity it is wrong for people to be left behind and they need ladders, you do need a safety net. paul ryan's speech was about building the ladders out of poverty. senator rubio had a great message about how he came from a family, the same story he told at the convention but it is incredibly powerful, how his parents were in cuba, they came here, i believe worked in the hospitality business, his father was a hotel bartender and he
1:43 pm
talked about the people in this country, on would shoulders we, really, stand. the service industry, the hotel tremendous, people working construction, wherever they are, people who are trying to earn a living, they come here to do it. and certainly immigration is a kit california issue. it needs to be addressed. and building a strong middle class from everyone who wants to live in this unique experiment in history, the united states of america. >>eric: thank you, jimmy concern, the jack kemp foundation founder and son of the great conservative jack kemp. thank you, sir. did babs make a boo-boo? medicare open enrollment. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. but it never hurts to see if you can find better coverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get
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1:47 pm
money! ♪ a lot of money er earthquake the star earning a list on the top 20 most fascinating people. mercedes had no problem of this, founder of, how can you not love honey boo-boo. >>guest: i love that. i like the little beat. it is barbara walters' prerogative. she knows controversy. she wants viewers. this little girl gets almost three million viewers an episode. we don't see drugs. we don't see abuse. is it great he is drinking mountain dew? not is great. but --. >>eric: let me correct you. it is goat juice.
1:48 pm
i met the -- i enjoy. what is wrong with lone boo-boo? >>guest: i think honey boo-boo is giving the wrong message to children that are watching the show. yes, is she entertaining? absolutely. is she one of the most fabnating children of 2012? shutly not. yes, the ratings are sky-high. but her message that they are giving children out there is the wrong message. clearly, i think --. >>eric: it is not the learning channel, it is fought the learning channel. >>guest: it is pure entertainment and why they she is one of the most fascinating women of 2012. >>guest: no one will say i want to raise my childlike honey boo-boo or you want parenting tips they are looking at it as doctor entertainment. three million viewers a night, you know tons of viewers will
1:49 pm
want to see her interviewed by barbara walters. >>eric: no guilty pleasures? you will not watch jersey shore. >>guest: she has snooki on, i don't watch the shows there are other shows i watch and i put my children in front that are more educational and better messages. honey boo-boo and snooki they don't do it for more. earthquake two issues, whether honey boo-boo, sure, it is free market, but the other, should barbara walters put her, honey boo-boo on the most fascinating list. >>guest: undoubtedly. it is her opinion. these individuals she is saying are the most fascinating in 2012 . i am going to tune in and see the interview. >> i don't think she is one of the most fascinating children of 2012. there are other role models we should look up to. >> i don't think people are looking up to hone boo-boo but
1:50 pm
they just want to see what she will say. she is a funny little girl. >> it is sad. it is sad that the viewers are town manage and we are watch there and getting off on it, because it is not funny, it is sad. >>guest: but the viewers, when you talk to them, they say it is hilarious. >> it is train wreck television. this is a train wreck and that is why we are tuning in. >>eric: guys, we have for leave it there. thank you very much, both of you. when scott kelly take off he will be the first astronaut to spend a year in place, with history about to be made. and we can save you 10% on ground shipping over the ups store. look this isn't my first christmas. these deals all seem great at the time...
1:51 pm
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i also want to point out people referred to this as a long duration, iss mission. i want to clear something up that six months is a long duration mission. six months is a very long time. if you think back what you were doing six months ago, you know, might be hard for you to remember. this will work well for me similar to last time. we have a telephone on board, like calling on a skype. >> eric: scott kelly preparing for his one-year mission in space. never been done.
1:55 pm
and neil talks to the men who made space history ahead of the show's debut sunday at 9:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. there ask a telephone on board. look at this most unreported part of space travel. watch this. >> we sleep, minutes. i can fall asleep and feel refreshed again. sleeping in zero gravity picked a spot. my favorite is under my seat. >> we have sleeping bags that keep from floating around while sleeping. >> it must have been built for a big guy. i felt like a loose pea in a pod rolling around. i would go to sleep.
1:56 pm
>> i took a bill. when you sleep, muscles are sleep loaded. when you sleep your arms come up and sleep like this. i remember realizing i could not feel my arms or my legs. all you had to do to get your arm back is start to move. it spent the first half hour in the sleep period turning my arms and legs off and on. fascinating for me. >> on the moon we had gravity. we had hammocks. the first night, then again, a few hours after we landed on the moon. i was just wide awake. i had to take a sleeping pill that night.
1:57 pm
i slept really good on that surface. ♪ ♪ now we need a little bit more... [ male announcer ] at humana, we understand the value of quality time and personal attention. which is why we are proud to partner with health care professionals who understand the difference that quality time with our members can make... that's a very nice cake! ohh! [ giggles ] [ male announcer ] humana thanks the physicians, nurses, hospitals, pharmacists and other health professionals who helped us achieve the highest average star rating among national medicare companies... and become the first and only
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